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As 2018 kicks off, Yards Plus is starting a new chapter

We started our business based on a need. We needed our lawn taken care of and we paid too much for what turned out to be bad, impersonal service.  Therefore, we took matters into our own hands and started Yards Plus!  Things were working great and we had great clients that were happy with our service, we also had a great staff and they were taking good care of our clients.  Then the question of growth came up, is it time to grow the business?


Tony, our founder, decided he wanted to give back to the community.  His thoughts were to go to the Frayser area and help young men that were not going off to college learn a trade.  He would buy homes and then provide training for these young men so that they would have the skills to remodel and rebuild homes.  He would also help them get qualified to find, buy, and renovate homes that they could live in or rent to others.  This would be Tony’s way of helping his community today and helping future generations of the Frayser community.

Big dreams require funding, and what better way to get a project started than by self funding!  So as 2018 kicks off, Tony has set a goal of growth, growth that would be used to fund and support his goals for giving back.

Tony turned to JustMyMemphis for help.  He had no website, no mission, and no solid branding.  What he did have was a good crew, great customer service, and a dream to give back to his community.  JustMyMemphis created this new website for Yards Plus and they are helping with Tony’s branding, marketing, and plans for giving back to the community.

This is the start of a new chapter for Yards Plus.  When we cut your lawn, we are building up our local communities!


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We have been providing exceptional lawn and landscaping services to residential and commercial properties in and around Memphis for over 14 years. Our teams strive to deliver an outstanding detail oriented service to each customer day in and day out! Dedication to reliability and complete customer satisfaction has separated us from the competition.

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